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Empowering Human Flourishing in Work and Life

Welcome to the Leader U Podcast, where we explore the realms of leadership, personal development, and wellness to empower you in both your professional and personal life. I’m your host, Angie, and each week we dive deep into conversations aimed at enhancing human flourishing in work and beyond.

Here at Black River Performance Management, we believe that true leadership extends beyond the confines of the workplace. It encompasses how we lead our lives, how we interact with others, and how we approach challenges with resilience and grace. Join us as we navigate through leadership skills, perspectives, and research-based approaches to wellness that can transform the way you lead and live your life.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive, an aspiring leader, or simply someone on a journey of self-discovery, the Leader U Podcast is here to provide you with meaningful and authentic conversations that will empower you with tools, skills, and wisdom. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to thrive in all aspects of your life.

I polish human gems in the workplace and assist them in reaching their full potential

Angie Lion

Chief Soul Officer (CSO) of Black River Performance Management & Host of the Leader U Podcast

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Conversations with leaders who are rewriting the success script.

Tune in to each episode as we engage in liberating conversations with leaders who are rewriting the success script. These are individuals who have embraced unconventional paths, challenged the status quo, and are making a meaningful impact in their respective fields. Their stories will inspire you to think differently, take bold actions, and reveal your hidden potential.

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