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A Soul-Filled Life: Authenticity in Action- Episode 56

In this episode of The Leader U Podcast, hosted by Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management, Angie engages in a deep conversation with Shelley Paxton former Chief Marketing Officer at Harley-Davidson. Shelley is now a recognized advocate for redefining success, promoting well-being, and combating corporate burnout. Her journey from a corporate high-flyer to Chief Soul Officer and the creation of her bestselling book, “Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life.” Shelley discusses her journey from feeling “success empty” despite her high-profile career to discovering a life fueled by soul and authenticity. Drawing from her experiences, she emphasizes the importance of redefining success on personal terms to combat corporate burnout and disengagement.
Shelley shares insights on overcoming feelings of guilt, the transformative power of mindfulness and well-being, and the courage to make decisions aligned with one’s soul. She encourages listeners to prioritize their inner voice and values over external validation. Throughout the podcast, Shelley and Angie explore themes of emotional health, authenticity, and living boldly. They discuss the importance of creating a personal “board of directors” and embracing the role of ‘rebel’ to advocate for change and personal fulfillment. This episode provides Shelley’s transformative insights and encourages listeners to reflect on their own lives and take steps toward more soulful, authentic living.

Think Brené Brown meets Biker Babe, with a dash of Liz Gilbert. Shelley is a 26- year advertising and marketing veteran whose legacy is imprinted on iconic global brands like McDonald’s, Visa, and Harley-Davidson. At the pinnacle of her career, as CMO of Harley-Davidson, she was shocked to find herself feeling success-empty instead of success-full. That awakening led her on a profound journey that became her mission, business, and bestselling book, Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life. Now Chief Soul Officer, she works with leaders and teams to advocate for redefining success in ways that celebrate humanity, wellbeing, and soul. Her influential work is an empowering antidote to corporate burnout, attrition, and disengagement. It’s gained recognition on platforms like NBC, CBS, Forbes, Inc., and Thrive Global, making her a respected thought leader, advisor, and sought-after keynote speaker who’s been called “the next Brené Brown” by Chip Conley, NY Times Bestselling Author, Former Airbnb Exec, and Founder of MEA. Her signature keynote, Where Soul Meets Success: A New Leadership Roadmap, is inspiring Ripples of Impact (the new ROI) in lives, businesses, and cultures.
Shelley is on a mission to liberate a billion souls to live more bold, brave, and
badass. She’s based in Chicago and obsessed with mental health advocacy and the color orange.

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