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urposefully Taking Pause to Think About The Future Episode:11

In this episode, Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management and Kevin Bailey of the Idaho Nonprofit Center discuss the importance of the leadership skill, futuristic thinking.

Kevin shares his story on risk taking and how doors opened up for him due to him saying yes to lots of opportunities that came his way. He shares ways that nonprofits can think futuristically and how mission-specific causes are the drivers for fundraising success. With nonprofits collectively being one of the largest employers in many communities, it is important to understand how the ability to think ahead prepares individuals and organizations to be strategic and work with more purpose. This speaks to the importance of taking time to slow down and reflect on where we have been, to help us chart the path forward.

Kevin joined the Idaho Nonprofit Center in July of 2021 after previously serving as CEO of the United Way of Southeastern Idaho. He brings past experience in both the education and social impact sector both internationally and domestically having worked in both Uganda and Chile. Kevin has directed federal grant programs related to college access for first-generation students and also directed community programs supporting financial stability for families immigrating to the US. In his free time he and his family love exploring the great beauty in the West by hiking, biking, and getting outside into nature. On Saturdays in the fall, you can find Kevin avidly cheering on his Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team!

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