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Overcoming Obstacles: Through Skills Development and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs- Episode 52

Dr. Shero shares his journey of moving from Africa back to the US, discussing the significant challenges he faced and how he redefined his sense of worth and identity. He highlights the benefits of curiosity, the importance of seeking help, and the value of exchanging outdated beliefs for new ones to foster personal growth and develop competencies.
Throughout their conversation, Angie Lion and Dr. Shero discuss the importance of a lifelong learning mindset and the continuous pursuit of skill development. This episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone looking to overcome personal obstacles and excel in leadership by nurturing growth and self-awareness

Dr. Phillip Shero is an Organizational Psychologist and the President of MasterMinds Leadership, a cutting-edge executive coaching, team development, and strategic planning consultancy located in Fort Worth, Texas. Helping others grow as leaders is Dr. Shero’s driving force. He brings two decades of leadership development and strategic planning expertise to some of the best privately held finance, manufacturing, and construction companies and nonprofit organizations in Texas. With a long track record of success in coaching existing and emerging leaders at the CEO, partner, and senior management levels, he has become known as one of the most dynamic and engaged leadership and strategic planning coaches in DFW. His national reputation is growing through his expert leadership training seminars; senior leadership retreat facilitation; strategic planning services; and a full line of human analytics.

Dr. Shero holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, an M.T.S. from Texas Christian University, and a B.A. from Harding University.

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