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Delegate to Elevate- Episode 45

In the latest episode of Leader U, host Angie Lion from Black River Performance Management sits down with Kyle Walbrun, the innovative founder of EfficientAide, a company focused on the virtual assistance industry. This episode, titled “Delegate to Elevate,” explores the transformative journey of Kyle from enduring jobs that didn’t align with his passions to finding and fostering what he truly loves, ultimately leading to the creation of his successful business.
Kyle shares his compelling story of commitment and perseverance, highlighting how he navigated through roles that were less than ideal by always showing up and giving his all. The core of their discussion, however, pivots to a crucial strategy that changed everything: delegation. Kyle opens up about the initial challenges of letting go and trusting others with his vision. He illustrates how this act of delegation was not just a task management strategy but a pivotal decision that propelled his business to new heights.
Listeners will be captivated by Kyle’s insights into the delicate balance between maintaining control and empowering others to take charge of certain aspects of the business. He emphasizes the importance of delegation in freeing up entrepreneurs to focus on growth, innovation, and the pursuit of personal passions that led them to start their businesses in the first place. Tune in to this episode of Leader U for an inspiring and instructive dialogue that will leave you ready to reassess your approach to delegation, leadership, and achieving a fulfilling balance in your work and personal life.
Kyle Walbrun is the Founder & Visionary of EfficientAide, an assistant company. He has a huge passion for helping professionals work effectively and proficiently through a proven process of delegation.
Throughout Kyle’s career, he has partnered with a wide variety of business leaders, strategizing on how to buy back their time and eliminate their worry.
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