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Exploring Employee Burnout Episode 59

Join Angie Lion on The Leader U Podcast, as she welcomes Dr. Rob Lion from Idaho State University and Black River Performance Management. This episode discusses the issue of employee burnout, exploring strategies to combat it effectively within organizations.
Rob sheds light on the importance of identifying whether burnout stems from individual stressors or systemic problems within the workplace. He emphasizes creating a psychologically safe environment, where employees can express their concerns and experiences without fear. The episode also explores the crucial role of aligning organizational values with those of employees to enhance job satisfaction and reduce workplace stress.
Listeners will gain insights into the importance of self-development for leaders, and how enhanced self-awareness and communication skills can address burnout, fostering a healthier work culture. Rob also discusses the benefits of facilitating open dialogue through regular emotional check-ins, ensuring that the well-being of employees is continuously supported.
Tune into this discussion to discover actionable steps and strategies leaders can implement to protect and empower their teams, in a supportive and productive work environment.

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