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The Hero’s Journey- Part 1: Episode:54

Join Angie Lion, of Black River Performance Management, on The Leader U Podcast for an inspiring episode titled “The Hero’s Journey with Dr. Joelle Calton.” Dr. Calton, who holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, shares her profound personal story of overcoming poverty and adversity to achieve remarkable growth and resilience. This episode dives into Joelle’s early challenges, including her battle with poverty and family issues, which ignited her survival instincts and set her on a transformative path.

Throughout the episode, Joelle recounts the struggles she faced with education and the numerous setbacks that could have deterred her, yet she found essential support and mentorship that fueled her journey. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of maintaining a mindset geared towards self-improvement and introspection.

Dr. Calton discusses how her experiences have shaped her approach to psychotherapy, particularly emphasizing the importance of creating a safe, supportive space for psychological healing. She believes deeply in the value of providing psychological safety for others and stresses the significance of seeking support in navigating one’s life challenges.

Listeners seeking guidance or assistance can reach out to Dr. Calton via email, as she is passionate about supporting others on their paths to healing and growth. Tune in to this powerful episode to hear a true story of overcoming adversity and learn how these experiences can lead to profound personal and professional development.

Joelle is a seeker of growth, joy and connection who enjoys travel, self exploration, food, wine, laughter and deep conversation. She received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2000 and since that time has built a thriving clinical practice. Along the way she also became an equine assisted psychotherapist, a psilocybin assisted practitioner, a teacher and a clinical consultant. Joelle has facilitated experiences for men, women, couples and groups. She is excited about next steps in her career expansion. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and stepson, and also spends time in Baja and Maine.

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