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The Appreciation Effect Episode:23

In this episode, Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management and Douglas Tsoi of The Appreciation Effect discuss the leadership competency “appreciating others”.

Douglas is one of the founders of The Appreication Effect that was founded during the pandemic out of interest in people’s health and wellbeing. Douglas and Angie discuss how appreciating others creates meaning, joy, and connection for both the senders and the receivers. He offers suggestions and has a system for being more intentional about building the skill of showing the appreciation we may feel, but often forget to share with those people. Douglas shares his wisdom, compassion, and how we all have a part in creating a world we want to live in. He also shares the benefits of appreciation, gratitude, and psychological safety in the workplace.

Douglas Tsoi, J.D. is the co-founder of The Appreciation Effect, a platform that allows users to create a daily feed of gratitude and recognition for a loved one from their friends and family. He also runs The Gratitude Dojo, twelve research-based and heart-centered practices for recognizing (re-cognize) all the good there is in your life, even in times of insecurity and instability. A former lawyer, Quaker school teacher, and entrepreneur, Douglas is a Franciscan spiritual director. Douglas’ mission is to help people participate in grace. Appreciation is a grace manifesting through our loved ones, connecting us in a web of meaning, joy, and connection.

Douglas also teaches personal finance as a path to financial and personal liberation. You can find him on the popular Substack newsletter, Meaning and Meaning, where he writes about the intersection of personal finance and spirituality.

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