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Change Your Mindset Change Your Life- Episode 44

In a special episode of Leader U, we flip the script in an engaging and insightful exchange as Lisa Brian of Sagewood Media takes the reins as the host. This time Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management, becomes the guest of honor, sharing her remarkable journey in an intimate and revealing conversation.
Angie Lion opens up about the path that led her to become the influential figure she is today. From early challenges to pivotal moments of self-discovery, Angie dives deep into her personal and professional evolution, illuminating the passions, dreams, and drives that have shaped her. This episode offers listeners a rare glimpse into Angie’s mind, heart, and soul. Angie discusses her commitment to fostering environments where empathy and understanding are paramount, her ongoing quest for knowledge, and how she leverages her insights to empower others to lead with authenticity and impact.
Listeners will be inspired by Angie’s story, gaining valuable mindset strategies, including understanding your emotions and your role in every story. Whether you’re a long-time follower of Leader U or tuning in for the first time this episode promises to be a compelling journey into the experiences that drive transformational leadership and the pursuit of purpose.
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About The Host

Angie Lion

Chief Soul Officer (CSO) of Black River Performance Management & Host of the Leader U Podcast

“I polish human gems in the workplace and assist them in reaching their full potential”

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