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Cultivating Compassion Encourage Mindset: Episode:53

In this episode of The Leader U Podcast, Ethan Van De Hey from the Encourage Mindset Podcast takes the helm as host. Ethan interviews Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management, host of The Leader U Podcast. Together, they talk about the importance of compassion in our daily lives, the challenges of a fast-paced, technology-driven world, and the impact of loneliness and emotional struggles on individuals and society.
Angie highlights the necessity of deepening our understanding and management of emotions and social skills to foster personal growth and meaningful connections. She shares actionable advice on cultivating empathy and compassion through small acts of kindness, self-reflection, and taking breaks from technology.
Ethan and Angie emphasize the effect of starting each day with positive intentions, which not only improve individual well-being but also contribute to a broader positive impact in our communities. Tune in to this episode for a compelling discussion that will enhance your perspective on the importance of compassion in creating a fulfilling life.

Ethan posts personal injury marketing and motivational content on LinkedIn.
Ethan is currently the Marketing Director at MacGillis Wiemer, LLC.
Ethan is the host of Encourage Mindset Podcast. He loves learning about marketing, mental health, leadership, and personal growth.

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Angie Lion

Chief Soul Officer (CSO) of Black River Performance Management & Host of the Leader U Podcast

“I polish human gems in the workplace and assist them in reaching their full potential”

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