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Becoming Intentional: Talent, skills, and passion around Futuristic Thinking Episode:5

In this episode, Angie Lion of Website – Black River and Ron Price of TTI Success Insights, discuss values & purpose and their importance in developing the skill of futuristic thinking as a leadership competency. He gives insights on ways he has cultivated this skill and he also discusses the shadow side of our talents, skills and passions by recognizing the dark side of anything we tend to overdue. Any strength overused can be a weakness:. If you want to build your skills in futuristic thinking, you won’t want to miss this message.

Ron has a varied and extensive background as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, author, speaker, executive coach, and organizational advisor. Prior to taking the role of president at TTI Success Insights, Ron was the founder and CEO of Price Associates, an international leadership advisory firm with expertise in leadership development, innovation, and strategy. He also founded TTI Success Insights China in 2009, the master distributor for TTI SI in greater China. Ron is also the author of five books over the past 14 years, including three best sellers.

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