Work should fuel the human spirit, not drain it.

Work should fuel the human spirit, not drain it.

Optimizing organizations through
the optimization of its people.

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Take the guess work out of managing the uncertainty, transitions, and change.


Putting the correct tools together to create meaningful work and lives.


Supporting clients in finding the strength to go deeper and look within.

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Black River Performance Management

Where Talent Runs Deep

At Black River Performance Management, we understand that growth, engagement and change are not easy in organizations. We provide training, coaching, consulting and change management services that assist your business in achieving its goals.  Our systematic, researched-based approach to personal and professional development helps people achieve objectives that serve their own growth as well as organizational growth. We focus on and honor the history and culture that gives an organization its identity.  We build systems that leverage talent, bridge gaps and build capacity for the benefit of all.

We utilize our expertise to help your organization position itself to achieve its goals. We focus on ACTION! We combine individualized action plans, strategic corporate plans, research, and data reports and build out robust systems to help you accomplish the goals you’ve set. After all, what’s the value in having data when you don’t have experts to help you utilize it?

We are helping businesses identify their problems and determine how to move forward through the use of innovative, creative, and impactful solutions.

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Tune in to each episode as we engage in liberating conversations with leaders who are rewriting the success script. These are individuals who have embraced unconventional paths, challenged the status quo, and are making a meaningful impact in their respective fields. Their stories will inspire you to think differently, take bold actions, and reveal your hidden potential.


Black River PM’s 3-P Framework


Providing development and support to leaders and managers by positioning them to effectively and appropriately leverage their organization’s greatest assets.


Your organization’s “place” may be the physical operating space or the cultural milieu that permeates it. Our interest is to capitalize on who you are to help you become who you want to be.


From strategic planning to effective hiring practices and annual reviews we guide you in achieving your goals by focusing on your strengths, culture, and needs.

Passion is sparked by finding alignment and value within your work.

We are human system architects who provide training as well as the experience and expertise to sit down with leaders and re-tool or re-build the work they do. We get specific with our clients and help them work through their challenges, both professional and personal, to create a productive work environment. We re-build or adjust the system and the skills of the people in the system, so the system is more successful in leading to both personal and organizational goals. This is how we spark passion!

"Black River tailored training and materials to meet the unique needs of our workforce and industry. Angie and Rob are the best of the best! I highly recommend them for your professional and personal development needs!"
Shantay Bloxham
CEO Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency

Industries We Help:

We have developed leadership and training materials specifically for the Financial Services Industry.
Leading investigations in the area of behavioral safety concerning risks, near misses, and loss of life to re-engineer management and accountability systems.
We help companies such as Chambers of Commerce, Tourism and Business Development groups to create and add value to their member networks. We have proven success in leadership development, leadership academies, and understanding consumer and employer behavioral patterns.
We have provided key solutions in executive hiring, strategic planning, board of director development/overhaul/enhancement, operational effectiveness, change management, and leadership development.
Guiding teams in the area of hiring and staff development, employee procedures and manual development, management leadership, and customer service development training.
Responding to citizen needs by developing more impactful leaders through the use of leadership academies, leader coaching, and culture development strategies.
Aiding in operations and management consulting, coaching, leadership workshops, topical presentations, and culture retooling. Offering assistance to executive leadership teams to improve effectiveness and patient safety.

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