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Time is the Ultimate Investment, Where Are You Spending It? Episode:18

In this episode, Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management and John Kunz who has worked for Intuit, T-Mobile, and most recently Highspot, discuss strategies to organize your days in a very powerful way. John suggests stopping to ask yourself a few questions before you get started in the planning process and then learning how and what to procrastinate, “on purpose”. They discuss the idea of being present and in order to be present we must take time to reflect and be truly honest with yourself about what is really important. From there, establishing the practice of scheduling time to check-in with yourself. Time is a finite resource and when we say “yes” to something, we are saying “no” to something else. Showing up as the best version of yourself, for yourself and others, requires self leadership.

John Kunz is an enablement manager, facilitator, and lifelong sport fanatic living outside Boise, Idaho with his 5 children, two cats, and a Great Dane. John works primarily with Go-to-Market leaders focusing on application, and theory.

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