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Embrace the Qualities of a Peaceful Warrior to Skillfully Navigate Life’s Challenges- Episode 57

Join host Angie Lion from Black River Performance Management on this insightful episode of The Leader U Podcast, as she engages in a thought-provoking conversation with George Pitagorsky, author of “The Peaceful Warrior’s Path.” George’s book offers a practical guide to becoming a peaceful warrior, equipped to face life’s challenges. By integrating principles from yoga, Buddhism, and psychology, he provides tools to cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotional regulation. Discover how to achieve a state of well-being through the eight pillars of the wellness wheel, question the beliefs and assumptions that hold you back, and practice acceptance to let go of attachments causing suffering. Learn to embrace the qualities of a peaceful warrior, transform negative emotions into useful actions, and skillfully navigate life’s challenges for a more fulfilling existence. Don’t miss this enlightening episode packed with wisdom and actionable insights.

George Pitagorsky brings over 50 years of personal experience applying mindfulness, yoga, a servant leadership orientation, and systems and process thinking to helping individuals, teams and organizations to perform optimally.

He is a master coach, facilitator, and consultant. He shares insights, tools and techniques in his articles and books – The Zen Approach to Project Management, Managing Conflict in Projects, Managing Expectations: A Mindful Approach to Achieving Optimal Performance, and How to Be Happy Even When You are Sad, Mad, or Scared.

Throughout his decades-long career George has played roles as: A globally recognized project, program and process management expert, teacher, speaker, coach, and executive
CIO for a multi-billion-dollar government agency, A principle in two technology start-ups
Executive Director of Program Development for an international learning organization, and
Executive, manager and consultant in large scale IT systems implementation, organizational change, and process improvement programs across multiple industries.

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Angie Lion

Chief Soul Officer (CSO) of Black River Performance Management & Host of the Leader U Podcast

“I polish human gems in the workplace and assist them in reaching their full potential”

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