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Workplace Wellness & Why it matters-Part 2: Episode 55

Tune in to another insightful episode of The Leader U Podcast as Angie Lion, of Black River Performance Management, welcomes back Dr. Joelle Calton to discuss workplace wellness. This episode is dedicated to understanding and implementing strategies for improving employee happiness and productivity through wellness.
Dr. Calton emphasizes the importance of defining personal wellness and developing practical tools to support it. She highlights how chronic stress and continuous depletion can significantly detract from one’s health and overall well-being. To combat these issues, she shares techniques, such as specific breathing exercises to stimulate the vagus nerve, which helps bring calmness and focus.
Dr. Calton advocates for the importance of fostering connections in the workplace. She encourages engaging in shared experiences and prioritizing connection before content to boost team morale and cohesion. She discusses how accessing and reliving moments of awe, collective effervescence, and moral beauty can profoundly enhance personal well-being and contribute positively to the workplace atmosphere.
This episode is packed with actionable advice and thought-provoking discussions designed to help listeners and their teams flourish in their professional environments. Whether you’re a leader seeking to improve your team’s dynamics or an employee looking to enhance your own workplace experience, this episode offers valuable insights into making wellness a cornerstone of your professional life.

Joelle is a seeker of growth, joy and connection who enjoys travel, self exploration, food, wine, laughter and deep conversation. She received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2000 and since that time has built a thriving clinical practice. Along the way she also became an equine assisted psychotherapist, a psilocybin assisted practitioner, a teacher and a clinical consultant. Joelle has facilitated experiences for men, women, couples and groups. She is excited about next steps in her career expansion. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and stepson, and also spends time in Baja and Maine.

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