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Mastering Interpersonal Skills for Effective Leadership- Episode 49

In this episode of The Leader U podcast, titled “Mastering Interpersonal Skills for Effective Leadership,” host Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management, sits down with Michelle Mahoney. With a career dedicated to implementing foundational communication principles, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our listeners. This episode dives into the role of interpersonal skills in leadership.
Angie and Michelle talk about communication and conflict styles. Understanding these styles is more than just a leadership skill—it is a tool for deeper connection with teams and colleagues. Our guest shares insights from her career, highlighting how becoming more aware of our interpersonal behaviors and preferences can lead to personal and professional growth.
Join Angie and Michelle as they explore interpersonal skills and uncover the secrets to becoming a more self-aware, communicative, and effective leader. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their leadership and foster a culture of understanding and collaboration in their organization.Michelle Mahoney has spent her career putting communication principles into action.

Michelle began her journey in television news after graduating from California State University, Fresno. She went on to earn a teaching and master’s degree to pursue a career in education. Along the way, she directed a high school Forensics and Debate program and served as the Public Information Officer for a K-12 school district. She has almost 15 years of experience as faculty in higher education, teaching a variety of communication, media arts, and public relations courses. She currently teaches at Boise State University and serves as an ombuds to faculty & staff. Michelle is excited to help deliver content that provides students with enrichment, growth, and career opportunities in the business environment. As an Emotional Quotient certified instructor, she aims to bridge education and EQ in her classroom for all of her students.

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