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The Art of Listening: How Leaders Excel by Prioritizing Customer Focus – Episode 32

In this episode, Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management and Keith Zundel, VP Commercial Lending Manager and Sr. Commercial Lender with the Bank of Idaho, dive into the crucial role that customer focus plays in contemporary leadership. Customer focus is the ability of leaders and organizations to understand, anticipate, and consistently meet the evolving needs of their clients. This concept is not just about service delivery; it is a principle that integrates Emotional Intelligence to forge strong, enduring relationships with customers. Angie and Keith explore how a leader’s capacity for customer focus, enabling them to harness empathy and self-awareness to create a responsive and adaptable business strategy. This can transform an organization’s approach to problem-solving, innovation, and customer experience. These leaders are adept at reading emotional cues and effectively managing their own emotions to engage with clients in a way that is both genuine and beneficial for business growth. Tune in to learn the actionable steps you can take to cultivate a customer-centric culture and how to leverage Emotional Intelligence to not only listen but truly hear what your customers are saying. This episode is a must-listen for any leader aiming to elevate their customer engagement and drive their organization to new heights.

Keith Zundel, VP Commercial Lending Manager and Sr. commercial Lender with the Bank of Idaho brings over 12 years of banking and leadership experience that include retail, treasury management, various leadership roles, and commercial related roles. He’s found his passion in being a key partner helping team members and business’s find success. This ultimately led him to specialize in many facets of commercial lending and leadership over several years. Keith has direct experience with organizing training courses, personal/professional development, many lending fields including SBA, Medical/Professional, Commercial Real Estate (IRE, OO, CELOC, New Construction, Cross Collateralizing, etc.), Equipment Finance, Lines of Credit, Acquisition/Start Up, Non-profit/Not-for-profit, and more. He also has direct experience helping clients with the various other banking needs that come with owning a business such as Cash Management, Savings, International buying/selling, Sweeps, Merchant Services, Payroll, etc. He takes pride in offering the highest level of service to his clients and team members becoming an advocate for them as they navigate their business and professional needs. He takes a personal approach with those he works with by earning a relationship so they know they are working with someone that genuinely cares about them and their success. Providing value to his family, team members, clients, and community is what he considers most important.

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