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Grateful for the Struggle The Ripple Effect of Building Resilience Episode: 1

In this episode, Angie Lion of BRPM and Cherisse Brown of ISU discuss how important it is to be intentional about cultivating resilience for themselves and then sharing those tools for building resilience and sharing that wisdom with others to create a ripple effect in our families, workplaces, and beyond.

Cherisse Brown, is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Public Administration. She is certified to teach and train on Emotional Intelligence and DISC Behavioral Assessments. She is the proud mother of 4 amazing kids and enjoys spending time with family, traveling, cooking, music, reading, crafting, and being outdoors.

Her Professional experience includes managing divers teams, working in mom-profit sector, and many years working closely with at-rick populations. Cherisse is most passionate about compelling, empowering, and inspiring others to recognize their value and maximize their potential.

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