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Creating Possibilities: Shifting Your Mindset From Why Me To Why Not Me? Episode:4

In this episode, Angie Lion of BRPM and Jeet Kumar, CEO of In Time Tec located in Meridian, Idaho, discuss overcoming mental and emotional roadblocks we all face as human beings. Jeet and Angie have known each other for over 20 years and they both have a passion for developing people.

Jeet shares his model for creating new possibilities and abundance in work and in life. He shares his story of growing up poor in India and having to shift his mindset to live out his higher purpose of serving his people at In Time Tech. There, he inspires employees, satisfies customers, and creates an impact by achieving peace inside and results outside. They discuss the importance of developing people in the workplace to create a better life for everyone.

Jeet has dedicated his life to creating abundance and has mentored hundreds of people all over the globe to become their most powerful selves. His passion for supporting and growing others has led his mentees to finding financial freedom, building successful companies, becoming healthier, fostering authentic relationships, and creating a meaningful life for themselves and others.

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