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Uncovering Your Leadership Blindspots- Episode 60

In this episode of The Leader U podcast, host Angie Lion talks about recognizing and addressing leadership blind spots. With a focus on practical self-improvement strategies, this discussion underscores the importance of self-assessment, objective feedback, and continuous personal development for leaders at all levels.

Angie explores various effective tools and methods to enhance leadership skills, including the use of self-assessment tools, leadership assessments, and comprehensive 360-degree feedback surveys. These resources help leaders gain a deeper understanding of their unique leadership style and pinpoint crucial areas for growth.

The episode highlights the benefits of seeking mentorship and coaching. These relationships provide valuable external perspectives and guidance, helping leaders navigate challenges and apply their knowledge effectively. Angie also discusses the role of robust performance management systems that feature regular feedback sessions, workshops, and updates on industry trends, aiding leaders in staying competitive and informed.

Listeners will learn about the importance of engaging in anonymous feedback surveys, performance reviews, and peer networking groups. These platforms offer diverse perspectives and are instrumental in identifying potential improvement areas. Additionally, Angie emphasizes the significance of embracing constructive criticism. She encourages leaders to actively seek feedback from colleagues, subordinates, and even loved ones, viewing it as essential for growth and self-reflection.

Join Angie in this episode to uncover the transformative power of understanding and addressing your leadership blind spots, paving the way for enhanced effectiveness and success in your professional journey.

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Angie Lion

Chief Soul Officer (CSO) of Black River Performance Management & Host of the Leader U Podcast

“I polish human gems in the workplace and assist them in reaching their full potential”

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