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Emotional Intelligence: Developing Your Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Management Skills – Episode 25

In this episode, Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management and Dr Michelle Bennett of Boise State University discuss two leadership competencies “interpersonal skills and conflict management skills.” Both of these skills are enhanced by understanding our emotions and how they impact our moods, motivation, our decision making, and much more. Michelle shares the latest research, skills, and tools for effective communication in personal and professional relationships. They discuss the important role communication plays in organizational culture as well as our own personal lives and relationships. Communication, like any skill, can be cultivated, grown, and improved across our entire lifespan.

Dr. Michelle Bennett serves as faculty in Interdisciplinary Studies and Bachelor of Applied Science and University Ombudperson at Boise State University. Bennett has 16 years of experience as communication faculty and six years as a department chair. Her academic training is in interpersonal communication, listening, conflict management, emotional intelligence, and public speaking. Prior to higher education, Bennett spent 20 years in professional communication roles in a variety of industries. She also volunteers as an interviewing and public speaking coach to youth.

Bennett earned her Bachelor and Master of Arts in Communication and a Ph.D. in Education with the emphasis on Leadership from the University of Idaho.

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