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Change Mastery: From Resilient Reaction to Courageous Action – Episode 36

In this thought-provoking episode of the Leader U Podcast, Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management and Ryan Berman, the founder of Courageous, a change consultancy that develops Courage Brands and trains companies how to operationalize courage through Courage Bootcamp, dive into the heart of change management, exploring the transformation from simply reacting resiliently to changes, to proactively initiating them with courage. The journey begins by understanding the nature of resilience – how we adapt and bounce back from unexpected life events and professional challenges. But is resilience enough? Then they shift their focus to the power of courage. Courage isn’t just about bold actions; it’s a mindset that drives us to become architects of change rather than mere responders. They discuss strategies to cultivate courage in your personal and professional life, enabling you to not just survive, but thrive and lead in times of change. Whether facing a sudden shift in your career, or personal life or looking to create positive change within your organization, you’ll find valuable lessons in courage and proactive change management. Tune in to embark on a journey to transform how you view and handle change. Let’s move beyond resilience and embrace the courageous action needed to shape our destinies! Remember to Subscribe/Follow for more insightful episodes on the Leader U Podcast.

Ryan Berman has more than 20 years in the courageous ideas space and an intimate understanding of the intricacies of emotional story telling for the purposes of driving courageous change. Ryan, a practitioner and authority on the subject, has had his methods featured in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc and Forbes.

In addition to giving talks at Google, Snapchat and charity: water, Ryan speaks all over the country to C Suite, marketing and professional services audiences on the topic. He covers the learning’s found in his book Return On Courage: A Business Playbook For Change.

Living in San Diego, California, Ryan has had the good fortune of creating stories for household brands such as Caesars Entertainment, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Heinz, Major League Baseball, PUMA, Qualcomm, and Subway. He has been featured on a panoply of Podcasts including Adam Markel’s New Pivot Podcast, Bryan Kramer’s H2H podcast, Awesome At Your Job podcast and Rhett Power.

Ryan also has his own Courage Brand called “Sock Problems” – an altruistic sock company that strives to “sock” world problems with socks.

Finally, Ryan launched a Courage Bootcamp as an 8 week online course helping companies galvanize their staff and pinpoint their best talent.

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