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Strategy is central to individual and organizational success!

Strategy is central to individual and organizational success. Unfortunately, too often our strategy is created in a way that reduces the stakeholders to chess pieces, not dynamic, emotional, and complicated humans. When this occurs we are at risk of oversimplifying that strategy framework because oftentimes we fail to consider the variables that will help or hinder our process.

With numerous strategy and strategic planning approaches available, organizations have a lot of choice. This abundance creates tremendous opportunities for organizations to shop around to find consultants and facilitators that meet their particular needs and ambitions – for us, we look to work with organizations that are interested in creative approaches to shift, or pivot, in response to time-sensitive market needs, conditions, trends, and pressures.

Strategy is a framework, however, it isn’t just a business success framework. We assist organizations with creative outside-the-box thinking which allows them to capitalize on opportunities to make purposeful and high impact shifts, while keeping the concepts of employee motivation, joy, and happiness within the dialogue process. Our work is specific and purposeful; our planning processes are high energy and based around the interests and needs of our clients with the desire to become, or continue to emerge as, high impact organizations prioritizing employee experience along with profit motives, or as we put it, work that fuels the human spirit, not drain it.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."
"I am on the board of a nonprofit organization. Angie provided an assessment for our personal, professional and leadership development. From that assessment I found personal things I wanted to work on so I engaged Angie as my coach. Through that coaching I’ve seen improvement in those areas I wished to further develop and enhance in both my personal and professional life. Angie is my biggest cheerleader and has offered me the tools to re-examine situations and thought processes to develop myself into a better leader and have better relationships in both my personal and professional life. I really value her expertise and encourage anyone wishing to develop skills to live a better life to consult Angie for ways to make that happen.
Amy Ciciliot
CFO Lookout Credit Union

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