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Customized Performance Improvement Tools

Performance issues can take a significant toll on your team, division, or organization. Common consequences include attrition, loss of trust, poor levels of engagement. Knowing where to start with any performance related issue can be a challenge. Most people draw upon what they’ve learned or come to know, such as rewards and punishments as mechanisms to address performance deficiencies. While there is a time and place for consequences and incentives, performance issues often call for a multi-tiered approach as many issues can’t be simply reduced to one issue or factor. We draw upon a wide array of in-house developed performance improvement tools as well as industry endorsed frameworks with the goal of utilizing the framework that best addresses your needs. Our work is based upon research-backed solutions as well as the most current evidence-based practices and writings.
Black River Peak Performance Model

Black River's Peak Performance Model

Are You Using Accurate & Sustainable Solutions?

Helping you identify appropriate and sustainable solutions to address your performance issues is our priority. How we do that can range from deep dive investigations into the root causes and contributing factors, team meetings where we draw out key information, and train-the-trainer frameworks where we empower your team to learn how to manage a robust performance improvement initiative.

When it comes to addressing performance issues, they are often complex and too frequently we respond to the issues at a superficial level (symptom) and then that leads to mis-diagnosis of the issue

Common examples of mis-diagnosed performance issues:

Symptom Common Industry
Mis-Belief or Response
Our Findings Based On Expertise
Claims of insufficient pay
We need to pay more, if only we could.
This is a symptom that attempts to point to greater deep organizational issues where individual needs, desires and expectations aren't being met.
People want more recognition
We need to plan more recognition opportunities or employee events.
This is similar to the above item. The problem with the common mis-belief is that organizations often don’t isolate the problem and think gizmos, trinkets, and free beer will offset the need for recognition. Oftentimes this is a cry for help for what we call a lack of psychological safety within the workplace.
High turnover
People are moving to better opportunities; perhaps with more pay.
If you take a hard look at your exit data, you will see that in some instances people are leaving your organization for no pay. They just want to be away from organizationally imposed stressors and less than desirable treatment. This doesn’t mean that they are accurate in their reasoning, but in many instances there are clues here to what is occurring or not occurring within the organization.

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