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Black River Performance Management

Give your team the tools they need to excel!

TRAINING is one of the fastest ways an employer can demonstrate that they value their team.  It is an investment not only in the company but in the individual.  

Giving your team the tools they need to excel at their job, rise in the ranks, and improve their effectiveness is priceless.  The return on that investment is immeasurable and cultivates loyalty with the use of Black River Performance Management’s research-based training content.

Black River Performance Management has expertise in training in over 30 topical areas, such as Communication, Change Management, Team Building, and Motivation. Visit our Topics Library to find a training topic that meets your needs.



Leadership Academy

Customized Leadership Academies to serve your needs, challenges, opportunities, and wishes. Our process begins with a thorough exploration of your pain points, the symptoms, and the root causes so that our Academy solution is on-point.

Online & Self Paced Training

Support the enhancement of your team with online learning options. A variety of self-paced modules that are developed to reveal insights, teach style cultivation, and improve overall effectiveness for individuals and teams.

Live & Virtual Workshops

Customized and Curated Workshops developed to inspire, motivate, teach, and develop individuals.  Utilizing science, psychology, research, and experience to move the needle both personally and professionally.