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Customized Leadership Academies to serve your needs, challenges, opportunities and wishes

Accurate, appropriate, impactful, and consistent leadership is a challenge many organizations face. We all have our unique strengths, but we also have areas requiring growth, development or further expertise. Regardless if your people have no leadership experience or 20+ years of experience, there is value in adopting a culturally appropriate leadership framework which reinforces key organizational goals, cultural objectives, and a language we can share. At Black River Performance Management, we understand the skills and behaviors needed to nurture and cultivate high-impact and sustainable leadership within your organization. We have the ability to help each person regardless of their starting point, education, and experience. We excel at helping all people connect with the concepts.

Our process begins with a thorough exploration of your needs, challenges, opportunities, and wishes. We take a hard look at your pain points, the symptoms, and the root causes so that our Academy solution is on-point, specific, and sustainable. Through a mix of designing our own materials, integrating a selection of the most popular and effective leadership frameworks in the world, the use of psychometrically developed personality assessments, and the inclusion of current individual and organizational sciences research we build customized Leadership Academies for our clients. Finally, we offer flexible formatting where our team can come in and deliver the academy or we prepare the organization to deliver the entire product in-house or a combination of both.

Consider this...how often do we move people into leadership roles without providing them with the tools required to be impactful, accurate, and consistent leaders? Just because someone is excellent at a job or their craft, doesn’t mean they will be an effective leader. We need to set them up for success!

Not quite ready for a formal academy but interested in other leadership development opportunities?

Ask us about our online self-paced Leadership Suite. These sprint courses cover topics like trust, teams, and collaboration, self-leadership, coaching, impactful conversations, and the most popular leadership framework in the world, SLIIⓇ.

Leadership Academy

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