Coaching Essentials® Overview

(35 minutes online self-paced)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide a consistent method for leading and coaching
  • Accelerate the progress of teams and individuals in achieving organizational objectives
  • Create an environment of trust that supports development and growth
  • Use a coaching process that produces mutual understanding and spurs action
  • Leverage key communication skills that improve interactions
  • Determine which coaching approach will enhance an employee’s performance
  • Adopt a coaching mindset of service and of drawing out ideas
  • Conduct coaching conversations with confidence
  • Build on SLII by providing effective coaching based on the individual’s needs

(Also available: half-day, full-day with Live and Virtual options )


Additional information

Many managers don’t understand how critical coaching is for development, growth, and a proactive work environment. Our Coaching Essentials program teaches managers how to use coach-like behaviors so that their people become more self-reliant and effective, and the company performs better overall. We offer an on-line options.
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