SLII Experience Online®

(2.5 hours online self-paced)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define clearer and more compelling goals
  • Accurately identify people’s development levels on goals and tasks
  • Use appropriate amounts of direction and support to match people’s needs
  • Have respectful and honest conversations that move people forward

Additional information

Blanchard’s SLII addresses this challenge by empowering leaders to become adaptive and responsive to evolving needs. With a foundation of 40 years of research, The SLII Experience equips leaders with the skills to provide timely support and direction, fostering deeper relationships and driving motivation. Key outcomes of SLII implementation include: Accelerated development and autonomy among team members, Enhanced performance and achievement through personalized leadership strategies, Establishment of a common leadership language for cohesive team understanding, Improved engagement and retention, creating a more inspiring and fulfilling work environment. By embracing SLII, leaders can navigate uncertainty with confidence, unlocking the full potential of their teams and cultivating a culture of growth and success.We offer an on-line self-paced option only.
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