Self Leadership

(2.5 hours online self-paced)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use the mindset and skillset to achieve professional goals
  • Use the mindset and skillset needed to accept responsibility
  • Know how to challenge assumed constraints
  • Know how to set SMART Goals
  • Explore and activate personal points of power
  • Practice being proactive when asking for direction and support in conversations with their manager
  • Better communicate with their managers by adopting the same leadership language and methodology

(Also available: half-day, full-day with Live and Virtual options )


Additional information

When employees are dispersed across the globe, have limited time available for training, or just prefer to learn on their own, it can be difficult to provide quality leadership training to them all, especially to individual contributors. Yet having proactive, empowered team members who take control of their own success and are committed to getting results is key to your company’s success. With Self Leadership Online, you can deliver the essentials of Self Leadership, a training program built on SLII®, the world’s most widely taught leadership model, and the latest research on the proactive skills required for individuals to be most effective. Self Leadership Online takes your people through seven modules covering the essentials of Self Leadership. The content is broken down into a variety of engaging videos, games, stories, and activities ranging from 1 to 5 minutes each that can be completed in a total of 2.5 hours. This is a self-paced on-line training course.
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