Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

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This Six Month Course Includes:

Dates for the course are Oct. 2, 2024 to March 19, 2025.




In this course, you will learn what emotional intelligence is and isn’t. You will learn a framework for understanding yourself and others in more meaningful ways. 

We will spend a month developing the following elements of Emotional Intelligence:


30 to 60 minutes per week. The more time and effort you put into the course, the more you will get out of it.

It’s ok; it will be recorded and put into the course for you to view. We recommend attending all live coaching sessions if possible because it is a much different experience attending live and being able to ask questions you may have or share an experience you had that can benefit the group.

  • Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for most essential skills in the workplace that impact almost everything you say and do each day. 
  • Emotional intelligence accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs*
  • More robust team environments, supporting learning, identifying areas for improvement, reducing stress, improving staff stability, growing personal power through understanding emotions and learning self-regulation skills
  • Promoting empathy, improving relationships, and workplace dynamics
  • Enhancing communication and conflict resolution by understanding others’ emotions
  • Creating better leaders due to deeper team connections
  • Improving self-awareness, increasing accountability, fostering communication, and building trusting relationships in the workplace
  • Improved accountability, customer service, and flexibility
  • The foundation for a healthy culture that fosters psychological safety
  • Helps you conquer fears, doubts, and insecurities
  • Improves interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • Improve Self-leadership
  • Better able to handle feedback and give kind feedback 
  • Build stronger relationships 
  • Connect with your feelings
  • Turn intention into action
  • Make informed decisions about what matters most to you
  • People with higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) get promoted faster and earn up to $29,000 more per year than people with low EQ* (at all levels, in every region of the world)*

*Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Travis Bradbury & Jean Greaves

What Our Students Have Said

Angie Lion’s EQ course has been insightful and eye opening. Angie’s unique perspective really helped to put emotional intelligence in a way I can utilize on the day to day. The coursework is engaging without being overwhelming and I found myself looking forward to each lesson and coaching call. Being part of a group in the call setting was very helpful. It was great to be able to learn from other classmates experiences and thoughts as we navigated the coursework. All in all, fantastic and I would recommend to anyone looking to step up their EQ game.

I am excited that you have taken this step in your development. I look forward to our journey together over the next six months!

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I am excited that you have taken this step in your development. I look forward to our journey together over the next six months!