Dr. Rob Lion is a professor, researcher, and consultant that focuses on improving work experiences through the use of evidence-based practices. Rob and his wife, Angie, own Black River Performance Management where they provide a broad range of services ranging from corporate consulting and cultural growth to hiring, training, and managing change. Rob may be reached at info@blackriverpm.com.

Feedback is Like Most Other Gifts; We Appreciate it More When it is Something We Want

As I wrap up my holiday blog season on the gift of feedback, I want to draw attention to a significant factor as it relates to our ability to accept feedback. However, prior to doing that, think back to a time when you received a “gift” that you did not like or even want. Regardless of the event, I think we have all been disappointed at some point in our life by receiving a gift that wasn’t truly aligned with our expectations (you might have wanted a golf club, but instead received a pair of slippers; wanted jewelry but received a kitchen appliance; received a yellow gold diamond ring, but wanted white gold (yes, I’ve learned the hard way).

Our Future of Work

The big question surrounding the present and future world of work is “what should we expect? If we consider a few, rather dismal current truths about life today, we might not be very optimistic for the future of work 10, 15, 20 years out. We are living in the most politically polarized time in recent…

Annual Reviews, an Annual Blunder?

A consultant I’ve known for a number of years reached out to me recently for my input on a new Performance Appraisal (PA) form he was creating for his clients.  We did the back-and-forth feedback exchange and wrapped it up and went on our way. This topic of Performance Appraisals, or Annual Reviews, has always…