Taking initiative to
regularly learn new concepts, technologies
and/or methods.

Learning Beyond Limits, Embracing Continuous Education Episode:37

In this enlightening episode of Leader U, Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management and Sarah Draper founder of Leading Well Strategies LLC, dive into the transformative world of continuous education. Angie and Sarah explore how ongoing learning can significantly impact our personal and professional lives, keeping us adaptable and relevant in an ever-evolving world.…

Building From Within: Demystifying Leadership Concepts For Personal Growth Episode: 33

In this episode, Angie Lion of Black River Performance Management and Anca Trifan, CEO and strategist behind Tree-Fan Event LLC, delve into the intricacies of personal growth and leadership in the context of demystifying leadership concepts for personal growth. Join us as we unravel the myths surrounding leadership and explore how understanding and nurturing your…